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about leakey

Our Vision:

The Leakey Collection dedicates itself to advancing a system of enterprise with access to the global market in rural areas, thus bringing: grassroots capital opportunity, individual independence, and re-establishment of natural habitats through an innovative and culturally conscious model that is tested and replicated around the world.

Do Your Part!

Every new store helps in spreading our community service and work opportunity for the Maasai.

You can help in these 3 ways:

  1. Send us the name of a prospective retail outlet you think is suitable to carry our eco-friendly line and if it results in a sale of at least $200, we will send you free Zulugrass jewelry as a thank you gift! Click here. 
  2. Send us contacts of any organizations, affiliates, or manufacturing houses locally or internationally that matches our mission. Click here.
  3. Share our story on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or refer a friend to our line! Send us your thoughts. Click here.

We Do Ours:

  • Design unique jewelry & beautiful products with innovative use of natural materials for the contemporary global marketplace.
  • Provide work opportunity through culturally designed enterprise using a unique system of mobile work stations.
  • Teach sustainable harvesting and treating of natural materials with the purpose of stemming urban migration and expanding business opportunities in rural areas.
  • Take products to market throughout the world in order to provide steady work opportunity to rural communities.
  • Cross cultural understanding and education between communities in developing countries and developed countries; learn through cultural exchange in reference to social strength, unique political solutions, personal character, lost arts, creative problem solving, environmental solutions, and to bring technical training, opportunity and a practical, sustainable bridge to business.

about leakey

The Results:

  • In nearly 10 years,The Leakey Collection has grown from Katy and Philip Leakey personally supporting over 100 Maasai families with one work site to providing work for over 1000 woman with seven work stations. The work opportunities span over 150 miles in the Rift Valley, Kenya.
  • Zulugrass jewelry is now sold in over 1,200 stores in 20 countries.
  • Work sites are invite only; currently there’s a waiting list of over 6,000 Maasai willing to work.
  • Communities now have political stability, a lack of strife, reduced financial stress more financial stability and investment ability, and women are enjoying an enhanced respect from the men.
  • General welfare of families, including health and wealth has increased dramatically as women and men are now asking for education on ways to invest their money.
  • The Youth have become more involved in environmental issues.

Current Projects:

  • Working to set up the first hydro-electric plant, clean and ecologically compatible, in Maasai land. The clean, ecologically sound power will benefit future generations as gas, oil and petrol prices continue to rise making it more difficult for outlying areas to compete in any market place yet alone the global one.
  • Opening more work sites.
  • Training 450 women and men in a variety of skills and foremanship.
  • Environmental training for local communities.
  • Expanding sales outlets to continue the growth of this system of opportunity.